Julia's weigh-in and facestanding

2017-01-142:08 minutesTrampling
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 1
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 2
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 3
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 4
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 5
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 6
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 7
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 8
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 9
Julia's weigh-in and facestanding 10

Julia filmed herself, how she steps on e scale for weighin, then she steps on her slave, tramples his body and stands on his face.

Isabella: a little shoe-test

2017-01-074:18 minutesTrampling
Isabella: a little shoe-test  1
Isabella: a little shoe-test  2
Isabella: a little shoe-test  3
Isabella: a little shoe-test  4
Isabella: a little shoe-test  5
Isabella: a little shoe-test  6
Isabella: a little shoe-test  7
Isabella: a little shoe-test  8
Isabella: a little shoe-test  9
Isabella: a little shoe-test  10

Isabella has new shoes and want to try, how they are for walk on difficult terrains..... her slave is such a "terrain"!

He helps her with putting on the high-heeled shoes, then he is her carpet for test-waks. She steps fullwewight on him walks around on his body and head... nice and painful ;--)


Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1

2017-01-044:20 minutesTrampling
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 1
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 2
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 3
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 4
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 5
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 6
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 7
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 8
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 9
Zeraphin & Stefanie: Trample-lesson 1 10

Stefanie teaches Zeraphin in how to flatten properly the slave. Steefanie wears a pair of wedge sandals and Zeraphin boots with thick blockheels.

Stefanie steps on the soft belly of their slave and grinds the heels of her sandals deep with all her weight in his fat flesh.

Then it's Zeraphins turn, she learns quick and his martyrium under the brutal boots begins.

Daliah: the imprints of the boots

2016-12-3115:18 minutesTrampling
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 1
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 2
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 3
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 4
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 5
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 6
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 7
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 8
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 9
Daliah: the imprints of the boots 10

Daliah want to know, what imprints in his skin she can make with her boots.

First she teases him with easy stiching with the heels, his body is full of old heelmarks, the new ones are nearly invisible, so she decides to increase the force on the heels with stepping fullweight on his body. His moaning and groaning because the heel-pain drives her to start with more action. Walking on him like he's a peace of floor and jumping.. what painful landing with the spickey heels!! And hey there is a head and face, also needed to be trampled.

Isabella has a face for trampling

2016-12-1712:27 minutesTrampling
Isabella has a face for trampling 1
Isabella has a face for trampling 2
Isabella has a face for trampling 3
Isabella has a face for trampling 4
Isabella has a face for trampling 5
Isabella has a face for trampling 6
Isabella has a face for trampling 7
Isabella has a face for trampling 8
Isabella has a face for trampling 9
Isabella has a face for trampling 10

Today, Isabella shows a little mercy, but only a very little bit! She encounters her slave, nearly destroyd, full of heel-prints, on the floor, so she steps barefoot on his body. She begins to walk in place, stand on one foot... one toe for more rib-bending, then she moves on his face and enjoys the feeling of deforming and flattening the poor face under her weight.

Miss July's body-crushing workout

2016-12-0311:31 minutesTrampling
Miss July's body-crushing workout 1
Miss July's body-crushing workout 2
Miss July's body-crushing workout 3
Miss July's body-crushing workout 4
Miss July's body-crushing workout 5
Miss July's body-crushing workout 6
Miss July's body-crushing workout 7
Miss July's body-crushing workout 8
Miss July's body-crushing workout 9
Miss July's body-crushing workout 10

Miss July wishes a fitter slave, so he needs workout... hard workout.... Miss July special workout!!

First he must make a revere bridge.... he needs some kiks for motivation. Soon he is in bridge possition, Miss July jumps on him to bring him down.

He tries several times, but every time Miss July's jumping and stomping brings him down, he's definitively to weak, he has to be flattened and trampled for punishment... until he's totally exhausted and flat on the floor like a carpet ;-)....

Who won?... it's not the carpet!

Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening

2016-11-1917:33 minutesTrampling
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 1
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 2
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 3
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 4
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 5
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 6
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 7
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 8
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 9
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 10

Daliah encounters her slave trapped in a hole in the floor, she mounts her overknee boots with flat sole and ses his face as footstool. His face is fixed upright, he cannot move or turn away, ready for recceiving Daliah's beautify treatement. She steps on his face, careful in the beginning, walks around and stands on different parts on his face, like she wants to know, how does it feel, if a nose breaks under the hard sole of the boots. Face-beautifieing or -ruining?.... Who cares?

Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush

2016-11-1916:48 minutesTrampling
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 1
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 2
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 3
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 4
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 5
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 6
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 7
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 8
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 9
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 10

In the beginning, Iabella wears black sockings and tramples her slave, mainly his face. He as to inhale the sweet odor under pressure when she steps on his face. Then she removes the stockings and the trampling continues, this time barefeet. Without the filter of the stockings, he must inhale teh feet-smell directly under fullweight pressure. Face-trampling at its best!

Daliah: the marks of her botines

2016-11-1211:40 minutesTrampling
Daliah: the marks of her botines 1
Daliah: the marks of her botines 2
Daliah: the marks of her botines 3
Daliah: the marks of her botines 4
Daliah: the marks of her botines 5
Daliah: the marks of her botines 6
Daliah: the marks of her botines 7
Daliah: the marks of her botines 8
Daliah: the marks of her botines 9
Daliah: the marks of her botines 10

Daliah puts a nice pair of high-heeled botines and she wants to know, how deep she can leave marks on her slave. She steps on his body, walks around like on a normal carpet. She let the heels sink deep in his skin, leaving a nice signature in his worthless flesh.

Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling

2016-11-0510:53 minutesTrampling
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 1
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 2
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 3
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 4
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 5
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 6
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 7
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 8
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 9
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 10

Anabela wears blacck sweaaty socks, steps on her slave and let him inhale deep the (stinky) odor of her sock, if she steps on his face. Soon the temparature rises, she looses the socks and continues with her bare feet. The smell is now more directly, especially between her toes. She loves to treaten her slave to the limits, so she intesifies her barefeet-trampling with some jumps and prolonged facestandings.