Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening

2016-11-1917:33 minutesTrampling
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 1
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 2
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 3
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 4
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 5
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 6
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 7
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 8
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 9
Daliah's overknee boots faceflattening 10

Daliah encounters her slave trapped in a hole in the floor, she mounts her overknee boots with flat sole and ses his face as footstool. His face is fixed upright, he cannot move or turn away, ready for recceiving Daliah's beautify treatement. She steps on his face, careful in the beginning, walks around and stands on different parts on his face, like she wants to know, how does it feel, if a nose breaks under the hard sole of the boots. Face-beautifieing or -ruining?.... Who cares?

Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush

2016-11-1916:48 minutesTrampling
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 1
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 2
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 3
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 4
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 5
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 6
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 7
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 8
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 9
Isabella: foot-smell and facecrush 10

In the beginning, Iabella wears black sockings and tramples her slave, mainly his face. He as to inhale the sweet odor under pressure when she steps on his face. Then she removes the stockings and the trampling continues, this time barefeet. Without the filter of the stockings, he must inhale teh feet-smell directly under fullweight pressure. Face-trampling at its best!

Daliah: the marks of her botines

2016-11-1211:40 minutesTrampling
Daliah: the marks of her botines 1
Daliah: the marks of her botines 2
Daliah: the marks of her botines 3
Daliah: the marks of her botines 4
Daliah: the marks of her botines 5
Daliah: the marks of her botines 6
Daliah: the marks of her botines 7
Daliah: the marks of her botines 8
Daliah: the marks of her botines 9
Daliah: the marks of her botines 10

Daliah puts a nice pair of high-heeled botines and she wants to know, how deep she can leave marks on her slave. She steps on his body, walks around like on a normal carpet. She let the heels sink deep in his skin, leaving a nice signature in his worthless flesh.

Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling

2016-11-0510:53 minutesTrampling
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 1
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 2
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 3
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 4
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 5
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 6
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 7
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 8
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 9
Anabela socks- and barfeet-trampling 10

Anabela wears blacck sweaaty socks, steps on her slave and let him inhale deep the (stinky) odor of her sock, if she steps on his face. Soon the temparature rises, she looses the socks and continues with her bare feet. The smell is now more directly, especially between her toes. She loves to treaten her slave to the limits, so she intesifies her barefeet-trampling with some jumps and prolonged facestandings.

Daliah: It's boot-time!

2016-10-2915:09 minutesTrampling
Daliah: It's boot-time! 1
Daliah: It's boot-time! 2
Daliah: It's boot-time! 3
Daliah: It's boot-time! 4
Daliah: It's boot-time! 5
Daliah: It's boot-time! 6
Daliah: It's boot-time! 7
Daliah: It's boot-time! 8
Daliah: It's boot-time! 9
Daliah: It's boot-time! 10

The year comes to the end, the tempratures are sinking.... Yes it's boot-time! So the boots have to be tested... on the slave. Walking on a soft slave in heels is good for balance... Jumpiing is even better, but not for the slave. Daliah does it all: walking, heeldigging, jumping, headstanding...

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Miss July's carpet pet

2016-10-1511:19 minutesTrampling
Miss July's carpet pet 1
Miss July's carpet pet 2
Miss July's carpet pet 3
Miss July's carpet pet 4
Miss July's carpet pet 5
Miss July's carpet pet 6
Miss July's carpet pet 7
Miss July's carpet pet 8
Miss July's carpet pet 9
Miss July's carpet pet 10

How to transfer a pet into a carpet?

Miss July's method:

She enters the room with hlding her slave on all fours on a chain. He is like a bad educated pet, so he has to be punished and Miss July kicks him to the ground and uses him as her gymnastic carpet. Means, he gets trampled, stomped and jumped on; Miss July has a lot of energy, the slave has to endure a lot under her sneakers.

Isabella's old boots on the old slave

2016-10-084:05 minutesTrampling
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 1
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 2
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 3
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 4
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 5
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 6
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 7
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 8
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 9
Isabella's old boots on the old slave 10

Isabella says good by to her old boots.... and her slave has also to say goodby.. under the pressure of the boots... He has to endure all her weight on his chest and belly when she put on the botines and does her good-by-march. A few steps on the face and head completes the "goodby scene"...

crushed old boots > crushed old slave ;-)

Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage

2016-10-0111:24 minutesTrampling
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 1
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 2
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 3
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 4
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 5
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 6
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 7
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 8
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 9
Miss July's Face-flattening-pressure-massage 10

The slave is trapped in the floor, his face is in a hole, he cannot move away and the face every tim up!... ready for to be flattened. She put some shoes with flat soles at her feet and begins to walk on the poor face. After some painful over face walkings she removes the shoes, steps back on the face and massages it with her toes.... under full-weight pressure ;-))). Is it enoung painful?.. or? should i jump?... why not!!!

Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave

2016-09-2412:40 minutesTrampling
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 1
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 2
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 3
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 4
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 5
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 6
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 7
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 8
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 9
Miss Mandy, red heels > red slave 10

Miss Mandy loves the color red, so she loves also her red sandals, which her slave carries in his mouth; but he isn't red enough ;-)

She let him put on the sandals, after some worshipping, she steps on his body, digs her heels deep in his flesh, when she shifts her weight on them.

Does he get red.... not enough?... more heels vs. flesh... Kiss the sole!... or your face comes also under these heels....

Daliah's intensive smell training

2016-09-1713:34 minutesTrampling
Daliah's intensive smell training 1
Daliah's intensive smell training 2
Daliah's intensive smell training 3
Daliah's intensive smell training 4
Daliah's intensive smell training 5
Daliah's intensive smell training 6
Daliah's intensive smell training 7
Daliah's intensive smell training 8
Daliah's intensive smell training 9
Daliah's intensive smell training 10

After the trampling in boots, Daliah takes place on herr slave like on a chair. He must remove the boots and she places her feet directly on his face and nose. The smell comes directly from the boots and must be stinky.....

After the first smelly dose, she stands up and steps on him, walks and tramples on his belly and chest...... then comes one more smelly-lesson, this time more intensive.

She steps on his face and tramples the smell litterally in his nose.....