Isabella's sofa and footstool

2019-09-08Isabella4:18 minutesBarefoot, Femdom, Foot Fetish
Isabella's sofa and footstool 1
Isabella's sofa and footstool 2
Isabella's sofa and footstool 3
Isabella's sofa and footstool 4
Isabella's sofa and footstool 5
Isabella's sofa and footstool 6
Isabella's sofa and footstool 7
Isabella's sofa and footstool 8
Isabella's sofa and footstool 9
Isabella's sofa and footstool 10

Isabella sits down on her slave's soft belly and uses him as her relax-chair.

She puts her fee in high spickey heels on his face and plays with them a little bit around, stiching the heels in his skin, letting him lick the heel and so on.

Then she removes the shoes and places her bare feet on him and plays with his toes on his face.

Jane and the two-faces-bridge

2019-09-01Jane5:37 minutesTrampling
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 1
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 2
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 3
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 4
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 5
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 6
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 7
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 8
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 9
Jane and the two-faces-bridge 10

Jane has her wo slave, lying on their backs, in a row, like a catwalk.

She sits on one's chest and put on some flat boots.

Now she steps on him and begins to step to his face.

She teases him with holding her boot over his face and the comes the sole down, and she puts all her weight on the face

She foldes his nose under the hard sole, then another step on the other face.

She does it several times, deforming and crushing the two faces and heads....

This is her face-catwalk

Katrin's facestanding-challange

2019-08-25Katrin3:45 minutesBarefoot, Femdom, Trampling
Katrin's facestanding-challange 1
Katrin's facestanding-challange 2
Katrin's facestanding-challange 3
Katrin's facestanding-challange 4
Katrin's facestanding-challange 5
Katrin's facestanding-challange 6
Katrin's facestanding-challange 7
Katrin's facestanding-challange 8
Katrin's facestanding-challange 9
Katrin's facestanding-challange 10

Are you ready getting your face crushed?

Now we make a challenge: one minute facestanding... fullweight! offcoarse!

Katrin steps on a scale, so you know how much weight will squeeze the (poor) face.

The she starts barefoot in one direction, steps with both feet on the face an starts the stop-watch.

She stands the entire minute with all her weight on the face and flattens it good... a minute can be damn long time.

A second challenge follows in the other direction.... succes?...

To the end she increases his pain and put on some shoes with a flat but profiled sole.

Step up again....

The final challange is really hard, the profile grabs deep in his skin.

(clip has some english subtitels for better understanding waht's happened)

Milena, slave-feeding and footworship

2019-08-18Milena7:15 minutesFemdom, Foot Fetish
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 1
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 2
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 3
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 4
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 5
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 6
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 7
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 8
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 9
Milena, slave-feeding and footworship 10

Milena sits down on her slave's belly and begins to feed him with some cookies.

She takes the cookie between her toes and holds this in front of his mouth.

She teases him and don't makes it for him to get the cookie.

May be he gets one if he lick her feet?

Daliah testes new boots

2019-08-11Daliah4:53 minutesFemdom, Trampling
Daliah testes new boots 1
Daliah testes new boots 2
Daliah testes new boots 3
Daliah testes new boots 4
Daliah testes new boots 5
Daliah testes new boots 6
Daliah testes new boots 7
Daliah testes new boots 8
Daliah testes new boots 9
Daliah testes new boots 10

The days are getting shorter, the temperature goes down, autumn comes nearer... New boots are neccesary!

Daliah has some pairs for to test... on her slave... offcoarse.

She pick a nice pair of red-brown botines with spikey heigh-heels.

She takes place on her slave's belly and put them on...

Now the painfull part begins!

She steps on him and begins to walk in place, testing the feeling if the floor would be soft and the heels sinking in.

After some imprints making steps she moves carefully, but with all her weight on his head.

How ever, head- and facetrampling, even with spikey high-heels, is Dalia's speciality.

Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 1
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 2
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 3
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 4
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 5
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 6
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 7
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 8
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 9
Julia-Eva's barefoot bodywalk and facesteps 10

Julia-Eva takes her slave under her bare feet.

She steps on his stomach and moves slowly and sensual on him.

She walks closer to the face and finally she steps on it and crushes his nose under her weight.

Then he turns his head so she can stand on the side, also heavy but a little bit easier than the whole weight on the nose.

Jane's facetrampling "wellness"

2019-07-28Jane10:29 minutesBarefoot, CBT, Trampling
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  1
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  2
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  3
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  4
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  5
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  6
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  7
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  8
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  9
Jane's facetrampling "wellness"  10

The slave is trapped in the floor with a hole for his upturned face.

When Jane steps on him, he knows it will be a hard treatening for his face, because he cannot turn away, he's is full exposed... and Jane can be dangerous.

in the beginning she wears sweaty socks, steps on his nose and let him inhale the odor under pressure.

The she feeds him with the socks... he wants to spit out, but to late Jane is again on his face.

Now she plays barefoot with his face, games like toe vs. nose-hole and so on.

Sometimes she gives his face a break and move on his groin area, stands there and watches the reaction of the slave and his cock under fullweight pressure.

Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness

2019-07-21Isabella6:19 minutesTrampling
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 1
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 2
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 3
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 4
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 5
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 6
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 7
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 8
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 9
Isabella, thousend steps for your fitness 10

Isabella has new sneakers for improving her training and she thinks, that her slave also needs some training fo more fitness.

She steps on him and uses him for walking and testing her new sneakers.

With every step he gets kneaded and soon she found another target.... his face ;-)))

She steps on his head and face, the profile of the brandnew sneakers is still sharp and reminds deep marks in his skin.

Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots

2019-07-14Milena6:29 minutesTrampling
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 1
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 2
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 3
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 4
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 5
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 6
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 7
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 8
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 9
Milena's facetrampling with ridingboots 10

Milena wears ridingboots with flat but hard heel and sole.

She begins to trample his hands and arms and soon she steps on his body.

After a little chest- and bellytrampling she finds a face for stepping on.

She steps fullweight on his head and face and even she walks in place for a good facecrush.

Katrin dominates her boot-boy

2019-07-07Katrin7:54 minutesFemdom
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 1
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 2
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 3
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 4
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 5
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 6
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 7
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 8
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 9
Katrin dominates her boot-boy 10

The slave is on the sofa and Katrin takes place on his soft belly.

She uses his face as footstool, while he has to change her the shoes and boots.

It's not easy for him to put on her the boots with the other is pressing hard on his face.

Katrin is a little sadistic and places the heels of her boots so that it's very uncomfortable and painful for him.

Then he has to move to the ground, Katrin uses him as a stair-step and sits down again.

Now from a higher place she can act better with her boots on his face, means more and harder facesqueeze under the soles.