Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines

2020-04-26Julia-Eva6:19 minutesBBW, Femdom, Trampling
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 1
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 2
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 3
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 4
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 5
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 6
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 7
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 8
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 9
Julia-Eva and her massacre-bottines 10

Julia-Eva wears a pair of bottines with thick, but edgy, heels and a sole with crazy edgy profile.

And with this "tools" she want to deform her slave, giving him a new design and skin color.

She steps on his soft body and let the bottines do their job.

The edges of the heels give nice scratches and imprints, and the profile of the sole cuts deep stripes....

and her impressive weight fullfills the painful procedure.

Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor

2018-07-08Jane9:05 minutesTrampling
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  1
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  2
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  3
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  4
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  5
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  6
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  7
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  8
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  9
Jane's "wellness" for the face in the floor  10

The slave is trapped in the floor with a hole for his face, he cannot turn away, the face is everytime fully exposed.... ready for Jane's treatement.

She walks over is body right on his face, when she stpe on his nose he has to inhale the divine, stinnky odor of her bare feet.

Afte two minutes of relatively soft barfoot facemassage, she decides to increase it.

She mounts some wedge-bottines with a nasty sawtooth profile and steps again on him.

The wellnes is over!!!

She steps on his face, her profile leaves nice marks with every step....

This is Jane's super-wellness-treatement, after it you need a new face;-)

Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots

2017-02-057:24 minutesTrampling
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 1
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 2
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 3
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 4
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 5
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 6
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 7
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 8
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 9
Isabella: face-beautyfieing by boots 10

Isabella wears flat bottines, nice for a softer trample-action.

She begins to step on his hand, then walking, step by step, over the arm on his chest.

Once on his body, she explores the soft surface under her with walking around, stepping on different placces, everytime with all her weight.

Soon she reaches his head and face, it's also nice to crush them under the hard sole of the bottines.