Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1

2021-02-14Jane3:45 minutesFemdom, Trampling
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 1
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 2
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 3
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 4
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 5
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 6
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 7
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 8
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 9
Jane, sneaker-shopping pt1 10

Jane needs new sneaker, so she let the dealer show her some pairs

He brings her a nice pair, but he needs so long time to put her on (this time is not in the clip), this makes the lady angry.... he needs a lesson... a painful lesson!

She orders him to the ground and now she has a good terrain for test the shoes.

Walking on him, like on a cat-walk, the headstanding... outsch....

But headstanding seems the most importand for her new sneaker....

Or maybe she likes his moaning, while his skull gets crushed under her weight.

Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2

2020-09-30Daliah7:59 minutesFemdom, Trampling
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 1
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 2
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 3
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 4
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 5
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 6
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 7
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 8
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 9
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 2 10

Continuation of: Daliah's autumn-boots 1

The days get shorter, the cold time will come...

It's boot-time!!

Daliah has some boots for tests and the slave will be her ground for these tests.

While she uses his face as foot/boot-stool, she puts the second boot with high heels on her feet.

These boots has a nice profiled sole with much grip and also high-heels (offcoarse)

She steps on him, using his head a stair.

Testing continues:

Digging the heels in his flesh? OK

Leaving marks on him? yes, better then the previous.

Walking and running on him? very good, especially his noises ;-)...

May be there is a need for more tests ;-)

Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1

2020-09-27Daliah5:52 minutesFemdom, High heels, Trampling
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 1
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 2
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 3
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 4
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 5
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 6
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 7
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 8
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 9
Daliah's autumn-boots, part 1 10

The days get shorter, the cold time will come...

It's boot-time!!

Daliah has some boots for tests and the slave will be her ground for these tests.

She puts the first boot with high heels on her feet and order the slave the ground.

She steps on him, now the test begins.

Stepping on the head? good

Digging the heels in his flesh? OK

leaving marks on him? yes, but could be better.

Walking and running on him? very good, especially his noises ;-)

Daliah testes new boots

2019-08-11Daliah4:53 minutesFemdom, Trampling
Daliah testes new boots 1
Daliah testes new boots 2
Daliah testes new boots 3
Daliah testes new boots 4
Daliah testes new boots 5
Daliah testes new boots 6
Daliah testes new boots 7
Daliah testes new boots 8
Daliah testes new boots 9
Daliah testes new boots 10

The days are getting shorter, the temperature goes down, autumn comes nearer... New boots are neccesary!

Daliah has some pairs for to test... on her slave... offcoarse.

She pick a nice pair of red-brown botines with spikey heigh-heels.

She takes place on her slave's belly and put them on...

Now the painfull part begins!

She steps on him and begins to walk in place, testing the feeling if the floor would be soft and the heels sinking in.

After some imprints making steps she moves carefully, but with all her weight on his head.

How ever, head- and facetrampling, even with spikey high-heels, is Dalia's speciality.

Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers

2019-02-10Tyra5:10 minutesTrampling
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 1
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 2
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 3
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 4
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 5
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 6
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 7
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 8
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 9
Tyra's slave-exploring-trample with sneakers 10

Older, but never released clip. (sorry no HD)

Tyra, the tall girl treatens her carpet slave under her sneakers and weight, she's tall and weighs alot (ca. 165lbs).

She walks carefully on his belly and chest, the she puts her feet on his face... should i step on it?.... why not, its fun to inflict a little more pain.

She steps on his head and put her full weight on it, he'll never forget the sole of her sneakers.